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We are a one-stop shop for all your interior styling and decor needs. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream space while maximizing its functionality. Our approach is to be budget and sustainability conscious. Our philosophy is based on empathy and compassion; we are here for you.


Our Approach to Interior Styling

Our design approach is based on the idea of reusing and repurposing. We try to use as many items already owned by the customer as we consider possible. Sometimes all it takes is a creative eye to rearrange a room to bring a completely different feeling.

We encourage buying used or renting furniture instead of buying pieces that would not be used in the future in order to keep your budget low, as well as the ecological impact of your project.

We believe in supporting fair-trade businesses and eco-friendly manufacturers, but we know that these options are not the least costly in the market, which is why we adapt to each of our customers’ needs and preferences.

About Lucia

After moving twelve times in her adult life and enjoying helping friends and family setting up their new spaces, Lucia realized that styling homes would be her dream career and decided to create Serenity Interior Solutions.

Her certifications in interior styling and professional organizing, as well as her previous experience as a therapist, teacher and business manager, give her the necessary skills to be the best resource you can have to achieve your space goals.



In need of a change? We can help you create your dream space from scratch.

After understanding your style preferences and functionality needs, we can help you choose furniture, decor, paint and finishes for any room you want to radically change.


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