How to measure your room


Draw a Rough Sketch of your Room

This doesn't need to be a work of art or perfectly to scale. You can draw it in pencil, so you can easily erase! It's more important your measurements are accurate. See our examples below.


Measuring Tape

There are several measuring apps, but we highly recommend using a measuring tape as we haven't found an app that is completely accurate.

A longer tape measure is best, around ~25' is best! This size should allow you to measure the total width and length of the room


Measure the Overall Room

Start by measuring the overall LENGTH and WIDTH of the room. We will add in smaller measurements afterwards. The smaller measurements will add up to our overall width and length


Fixtures and Architectural Details

Note and measure the height and width of anything you'll need to work around:

  • Windows ( width, height and height from the floor)

  • Doors ( door width and height)

  • Outlets and Switches

  • Air Returns

  • Light Fixtures

  • Ceiling Height

  • Radiators

  • Fireplace


1. Floor Plan

2. Elevations (walls of the room)

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