What is E-design and is it for me?

E-design, remote design, virtual design, social distance design, online design. It has many different names, but one definition: it is the process of creating interior design solutions where all communication is done online, without the need to meet face to face.

A few advantages of E-design

Apart from the fact that the current COVID-19 pandemic is making us stay home for social distancing, E-design has several advantages over traditional interior design that make it worth considering it for your next home project.


While interior designers traditionally charge an hourly fee, most E-designers offer flat-fee packages with a clear scope, steps, and deliverables. This avoids the uncomfortable situation of going over budget and receiving an unexpected bill at the end of the project. Also, E-designers are able to save on business expenses such as the studio overhead and traveling, providing you with the same creativity, knowledge and solutions for a lower price.


Another benefit of E-design is that you do not need to be available during business hours to work with your designer. Most online design companies use software platforms that allow feedback and communication at your own time and pace, so you can review renderings and shopping lists wearing your pj's in bed while drinking wine, without being judged.

Purchasing at your own pace

Something else to consider is that when you work with an interior designer, you usually shop for your new furniture, decor and finishes directly from them, as you work on the project. On the other hand, with an online design package, you receive a shopping list with links to the products, and detailed instructions on how to set everything up by yourself. This gives you the freedom of buying the new items without a timeline, instead of having to spend thousands of dollars all at once.

Highly visual

Most E-designers use high-tech tools that let you visualize exactly how your home would look before you commit or invest in any changes. In our case, for example, we recreate the client's home in high detail with our 3D rendering software, and provide multiple HD views of each room with our designs, as well as 360 degree panoramic views.

How does it work?

Each company has their own process. Most designers do not share 3D renderings until the final design is delivered, but in our case, we consider that this is elemental for the client to really get a feel of how their space is going to look when delivering the initial concept boards. We are happy to share our own method with you, so you can compare when searching for the best fit for you.

1. All about you

We start the process by asking you to give us all the information we need to understand who you are, what your goals are for your home, what is your style, your budget, and time frame.

We also send you detailed instructions on how to take your room measurements and how to take the best pictures of your home, so we can recreate it virtually with our 3D rendering software.

2. 3D Design Concepts

Within 7 days of receiving your information, we will create and send you two different design concept boards for you to choose from. Each design concept is uniquely created for you, based on your goals and style preferences.

3. Give us your feedback

Choose one of the design concepts and give us your feedback through our high-tech tools, at your own time and pace. Based on your opinion, we adjust the design so you are 100% satisfied with the results.

4. Final design and Shopping List

After we get your feedback and all our questions are answered, you will receive the final design with a shoppable item list, as well as detailed instructions on how to style your space to make it look its best.

Is E-design a good fit for me?

I'm going to be completely honest here. Virtual design is not the best fit for everyone, and here are some of the aspects to consider:

Using new software tools

How comfortable are you with technology? E-designers usually use one or several platforms with their clients, and you may need to create new accounts and figure out how to use them.

Online communication

Most designers with an online model prefer to communicate via their own platforms, websites, or email. If you feel more comfortable with face-to-face communication, you should consider a traditional approach.

Purchasing online

The majority of products that an E-designer suggests are exclusively sold online. This means that you would not get the chance to try the furniture, feel the texture, see the colors of your decor, and so on. However, most designers have experience and recommend brands that they trust, and products that they know will be the best option for you.

Styling your own space

As the designer would not be going to your home, they will send you detailed instructions of how to lay out your furniture, hang your wall art, and place your decor. If you do not feel comfortable doing this step, an option could be to hire a local handyman to take care of furniture assembly and installation.

We hope you found this information useful, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@serenityinteriorsolutions.com.

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