Terms and Conditions


Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC exclusively offers decor consultation services. All recommendations are regarded as suggestions only and are not intended for construction purposes. If you are plannig on doing structural changes to your space, you must consult with an architect, general contractor or  structural engineer.


The client agrees to provide all information requested regarding the space characteristics, as well as client's goals and needs. If further information is added or requests are changed during the project, Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC reserves the right to charge extra fees, with previous client authorization. Changes in requests or additions to the scope will be charged on an hourly basis, at $50 (fifty dollars) per hour.


Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC and client agrees to communicate in a timely manner through our online platform and/or phone calls, texts and emails. The client will be able to give feedback and Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC will make adjustments to the final design for up to 6 (six) months after purchasing the package (except for when services are purchased as gifts to a third party. In that case, the six months start upon client completing the initial questionnaire). 

Client may purchase an extension at a rate of $100 (one hundred dollars) per month.


Serenity Interior Solutions will not be held responsible for any errors or complications that may arise from the ordering, shipping, or returning of any items recommended in the project offered by a third party vendor.


Serenity Interior Solutions will not be held responsible for any errors in measurements that result in ill-fitting items that have been purchased based on our recommendations.


Serenity Interior Solutions will select products within your budget. However, some freight and delivery charges are not known until the end of the lead-time, and vendors may change pricing. For these reasons, products prices are subject to change. 


The client agrees to provide pictures of the space after project completion for Serenety Interior Solutions, LLC marketing purposes.


Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC has taken every measure to prevent internet fraud and ensure any data collected from the client is stored as securely and safely as possible. Furthermore, Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC cannot be held liable in the extremely unlikely event of a breach in secure computer servers.


Due to the nature of our services, the client is expected to pay in full prior to the start of the project, and services are non-refundable. 

Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC  provides services with all the skill and care of a professional interior consulting company. However, as Interior Styling is subjective, there will be no guaranteed modifications done in the event of displeasure once the project is completed.


All work submitted by Serenity Interior Solutons, LLC to client is property of Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC and all copyrights and other proprietary rights applicable there to remain at all times Serenity Interior Solutions, LLC property.

We are looking forward to working with you and help you make your dream home a reality!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.